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Diamond Jewelry

Diamond jewelry can make people shed tears with delight as it evokes wonderful memories that one had. Diamonds are forever and are irreplaceable. Every gemstone has its own value and importance.

Now days, the demand for art jewelry has massively increased, various gemstones have also come into picture like turquoise and sapphire. Lately, turquoise is prized for its eye-catching color and is used in great variety of jewelry styles. The color of Turquoise ranges from blue to green. Sapphire is available in various colors like blue, orange, yellow, pink, purple or greenish color. Sapphire is even colorless and may occur in shades of grey and black.

However, despite the various gemstones available, the demand for diamonds will never cease. Diamond rings are the most sought after when it comes to engagement or wedding rings. When embedded in traditional or in modern designs, it retains its luster and makes the ring unique and exceptional. Some of the ring styles in demand are trinity rings, cluster rings, sleeve rings, eternity rings, solitaire rings and even half round rings. Trendy rings available in a variety of colors and styles are in fashion this year; be it big or small. In fact, gifting a diamond ring to your loved one is considered as an expression of undying love.

Jewelry embedded with diamonds is considered even more precious than silver or gold. If teamed with platinum, which is known for its resistance to tarnish, it creates a masterpiece in jewelry. Diamond bracelets are in vogue due to the fact that they can be teamed up with both casual as well as formal clothing. These bracelets can be a part of your day to day dressing, as it radiance enhances ones beauty. They are being demanded by both the genders as jewelry is not confined to any particular gender now.

Buying Diamond Rings

It is extremely annoying if one is not sure if one is getting one’s money’s worth while paying for a diamond ring that costs a bomb. Everybody is on the lookout for ways to buy diamond rings that are authentic and do not cost the sky. One should stay away from shady diamond dealers.

One should always purchase diamond rings from trusted, experienced, certified and reputed professionals. These dealers in jewelry generally have certificates from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the American Gem Society (AGS) and so on. These jewelers are given intensive training, they are tested and are recertified every year. Usually all jewelers of reputable are affiliated to these industry groups.

Grading of diamonds is done as per the 4Cs,, the cut, color, carat and clarity. A diamond should be cut correctly in order to increase its fire that is dispersion of light, scintillation that is sparkling splashes and brightness.

The rate cut provides the diamond a brilliant allure of beauty that is similar to fire. This is the reason why the cut is the most important aspect that has to be taken into consideration when one sets about on a search for diamond rings. This aspect should not be compromised on as one could sacrifice the other Cs. Remember not to opt for a rating below ‘Good’ (GIA) or ‘Cut 5’ (AGS) for the cut.

People suffer from the misconception that the color rating is related to gemstones that are fancy colored. The rating of GIA for the color of the diamond is in the range of D (colorless) to Z (light yellow). AGS rates color on the range of zero (colorless) to 10 (light yellow). A color above these scales is included in the category of fancy color.

A little difference in the grade is not noticeable with the help of naked eyes but it does result in huge differences in the price. One could sacrifice in terms of color in order to save some money. Clarity refers to the nonexistence of inclusions in the interiors or blemishes externally. The grading of GIA range is Flawless (FL) to Imperfect (I1, I2, I3). The grading of AGS range is AGS 0 to AGS 10 where zero is the lowest. A few differences in grading of clarity cannot be noticed with the naked eyes. The grading of clarity has no relation to the brilliance of the gemstone.

The metric system of carat is made use of in order to weigh gems like diamonds. One carat is equivalent to 0.2 g. The greater the carat, the bigger the size of the diamond and obviously, the more the price to be paid for it. Some features that cannot be ignored when it comes to purchasing a diamond are that diamonds have a reaction with ultraviolet rays resulting in fluorescence. This is an undesirable result which is why one should look around for a grade of minimum Faint. The grade of the polish should be very good while that of the symmetry should be good

One should ensure that one gets the required documentation and understands the policy of return. An independent appraiser who offers a professional service having no financial affiliation to any merchant should appraise it. Do not go by recommendations. Search on your own for a perfect diamond rings.

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Gemstone Rings and Gemstone Jewelry the Best

The world is full of beautiful things and amazing people. The nature around, we are blessed with is simply outstanding. When we see something, which is visually pleasing, all of our senses concentrate only on that particular thing and our connection is cut with the rest of the world. We get mesmerized! The effect is so intoxicating that we feel that the cosmic energy of the entire universe has polarized into this single entity. No matter, how busy we are; no matter, how tense we are, we just get disconnected with the entire system we thrive in.

At that very moment, we move into a state which is quite relaxing and meditatively soothing to our mind, body and soul. We move into trance!Such grand is the effect of anything beautiful we come across. Such is the effect of finely laid out gemstone jewelry. Gemstones make people fall in love with them. People become obsessed with the extensive varieties of gemstones found in the world.

Gemstone jewelry rules the mind and heart of those people who are in love with exotic shades, bright colors and the ecstatic reflection and rarefaction of light. It is said that certain gemstones have certain effect on the wearer. Therefore, there are many people who wear gemstones in the form of gemstone rings, gemstone pendants and in many other ways carrying gemstone of different shades whichever is said to suit them. Also, there are people who wear gemstone jewelry just for the pleasure and visual delight and royalty.

They keep matching different types of gemstone jewelry with their attires and try to experiment in different styles to come up in entirely new looks. If you are wearing a black party gown, you could accessorize it with emerald gemstone pendant and emerald gemstone earrings. The very contrast of black and bright green would surely make several heads turn. You can also accessorize the same with simple diamond gemstone rings and diamond gemstone pendants to exhibit the deadly contrast and could look drop dead gorgeous.

Gemstone jewelry offers an extensive range due to the lively colors of real gemstones existing in nature. Rest of the magic is created by the skillful jewelers, designers and sculptors spread out in the entire world. The thoughtful design schemes practiced while cutting and setting of each and every gemstone are the results of years and years of research and analysis. The gemstone pendants, gemstone rings and various other kinds of gemstone jewelry displayed over the jewelry counters in the elite jewelry stores have a huge story of hard work, creativity and perseverance associated behind them.

Your gemstone jewelry could be set with the blissful combination of two different gemstones or just the heavenly assemblage of a single colored gemstone. Also, the gemstone jewelry set could boast of several shades of different gemstones. Whatever it is, the radiance and vibrancy associated with gemstone jewelry is hypnotizing and tantalizing for everyone.

So, whenever you want to buy one for you or for your friends and family, log on to different links of gemstone jewelry, diamond jewelry, diamond engagement rings, diamond wedding rings, diamond bridal rings and get informed what you must be informed about before actually getting involved in any kind transaction.

How to Look After a Diamond

Diamond is the hardest natural substance known and diamond rings should last a lifetime and beyond. But like everything, it needs to be looked after. In fact, with proper care, diamond rings and other pieces make excellent heirlooms. So just how do you ensure your diamond rings will be around for your descendants to enjoy?

“Choosing the Best Jewelry”

First of all, diamonds are only as secure as their setting. You must check the diamond settings periodically. It only takes a moment and should actually be done every single time you wear your diamonds. Any amount of play in the setting, even the slightest movement of the diamond, means that you need to take it to a professional jewelry to have the setting tightened. Do not delay, or you may lose the diamond.

If you wear diamond jewelry frequently, the oils from your skin can cause a cloudy build up on the stones diminishing their brilliance. This is especially true of diamond rings that you wear daily. You need to clean your rings to restore them to their natural beauty.

This is easy to do and takes only a few minutes.

Gently remove any snagged threads or link which may have become entangled in the diamonds setting. Next choose either a commercial cleaner specifically made for diamonds, or make up your own with a simple mixture of one part white vinegar to two parts warm water. Soak your jewelry briefly, rinse in fresh water then gently pat dry with a lint free cloth. That is all there is to it!

If your diamond has gathered debris and sediment from poor storage, it may need more thorough cleaning. Try an ultrasonic cleaner with appropriate diamond cleaner fluid, or take it to a jeweler to be properly restored. Bear in mind that ultrasonic cleaners use vibrations to remove clinging debris. If the setting of your jewelry is loose, you need to check that it has not worsened following the ultrasonic cleaning.

Heirloom jewelry definitely needs to be checked and reconditioned by a jeweler once in a while. Think of it as a service for your jewelry much as you would service your car! Old weak settings may require reinforcement, or the gemstones may need to be reset altogether. A good jeweler will always try to match the new setting to the metal color and style of the original. If you continuing to wear heirloom diamond jewelry without ever reconditioning it, you risk damaging the setting further and even losing the diamonds altogether!