How to Select an Anti Fatgue Mat

An anti fatigue mat is most beneficial in any job that requires standing for extended periods of time. Employees do not suffer from tired feet and legs, knees and hips are not over-burdened from weight and shock, and the lower back is less likely to be stiff at the end of the shift. The mats provide cushioning, rejuvenate muscles, and keep workers from getting tired and sore. That drastically reduces mistakes, helps employees stay alert and productive, and improves safety. Selecting a mat for pricing alone can reduce the positive effects, cost more money long-term, and cause tripping hazards.

Mats are not all the same. The quality, thickness, pricing, and materials alter greatly. The cheapest mat may not be the most cost-effective. The thickness and materials of a mat determine how well it absorbs shock, and how long it lasts. Commercial-grade materials are designed to last a long time with very little wear and tear. Mats that are ordinary plastic, will not perform well under the pressure of a full grown adult. They may also give off toxic fumes when hot or damp. Those mats will have to be replaced often, adding to operational costs. Spending the money to purchase mats that are thicker will cost less overall.

A thick mat will not flatten quickly, get indentations that reduce effectiveness, or wear out in the middle. Thinner mats do little to remove tension from muscles. The weight of a mat also helps it remain in place, reducing tripping hazards. There are some available mats that have beveled edges to increase safety. Sliding mats will result in trips and falls, which will increase injuries, workers compensation claims and overtime spent to cover regularly scheduled employees. Those costs are higher than the original cost of a superior mat. Another consideration for purchasing mats is sizing. The mat should fit the space completely avoid slips and misplacement. Mats online are available in many sizes and colors to fit any booth, counter, or work space, and blend in with any retail store or office decor. The benefits of standing mats are well documented, just be sure to select one that will enhance work performance rather than hinder it.